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The Chicago Postcard Museum holds some truly rare Chicago Postcards. Be sure to stop by the Special Exhibits Hall which hosts and archives all of the Museum's special exhibits and postcard ensembles.

EXHIBITS: Please enjoy the Marshall Field exhibit; In Memory of a Chicago Institution on display until July of 2008. You may also enjoy the Art Institute of Chicago: Inside-Out exhibit. Are you a Thorne Miniature Rooms enthusiast?

Do you like what you see? Join the Chicago Postcard Museum's Support Circle. The Museum is continually adding more Chicago postcards and exhibits so please return often. Select an exhibit icon from below to begin your Chicago journey.

NOTE: Donated postcards may display an Honor or Memorial statement and/or donor information.

19th Century Rotunda

(the Pioneer Era; + 1893 World's Fair)

Greetings from Chicago

(Large Letter & Multi-Picture)

Early 20th Century Wing

(1900-1949; + 1933/34 World's Fair)

Hold to Light Postcards

(ca. 1906, Koehler Die-Cut)

The "I WILL" Galleries

(ca. 1910)

Chicago at Night

Room 56

(the 1950's & 60's)

Special Exhibits Hall

(Exhibitions & Ensembles)

Section Seven-89

(the 1970's - 80's - 90's)

Souvenir Hall
(Foldouts & Special Sets)

21st Century Annex
(Y2K to Present Day)

The Conference Center

(Fun, Weird, Odds & Ends)

The Panoramic Pavilion

(Vintage and Modern Era)

New Acquisitions


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