Join the Chicago Postcard Museum's Support Circle.
You can help support the Chicago Postcard Museum in two ways. A cash donation in any amount, will help provide the necessary funds to procure more Chicago postcards for the Museum's collections. Another important way to help the Museum grow is by donating your Chicago postcards to the Museum. The Museum's main objective is to grow the postcard collections and to display them to the general public for free. We allow free use of all images. The entire postcard collection is willed to the Chicago History Museum upon the Director’s death.

Your Financial Support.

The Chicago Postcard Museum relies on individuals' generosity to grow. Your gift is critical in helping the Museum to carry out its mission and to help their stimulating exhibitions grow. Your donation, in any amount, is greatly appreciated and will be used solely to improve the the Museum and to increase the Museum's postcard collections.


The Tree of Honor recognizes individuals and organizations making a financial contribution to the Chicago Postcard Museum.

Supporting the Museum by donating your Chicago Postcards.
As endorsed by the Chicago History Museum.

All Chicago Postcards are welcome at the Chicago Postcard Museum. You will receive online recognition of your generous donation if you so desire.

Honor postcard lovers' birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions with a thoughtful tribute, or memorialize a loved one by donating your Chicago postcards to the Chicago Postcard Museum for all to enjoy.

The honoree will receive a beautiful handwritten acknowledgment postcard of your gift to the Chicago Postcard Museum on their behalf and/or the Honor will be listed online with the postcards being displayed (see example below).

Examples: In loving memory of Anthony R. Wilson (4/21/1928 - 7/4/2006) Evanston, IL,
or, Donated by: Timothy John Wilson, Ph.D. and Family.

Please send postcards and your statement for posting to:
Mailing Address

The Chicago Postcard Museum
Dr. Gale, Curator
5595 Tancho Drive, Suite #307
Madison, WI. 53718
Thank you in advance for your generosity!!!

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