"I WILL" Galleries: The Gregg P. Durham Lobby
The "I Will" Chicago Postcard series was produced by the Acmegraph Company, Chicago ca.1910. Each postcard in the series of 102 cards has a printers mark (fig.1) in the upper left hand corner on the back of the "I Will" postcards.

All cards were assigned a stock number of 3 digits and the letter "C" (i.e. 104C). Some "I WILL" postcards in our collection do not have a stock number printed on the back but do have the "I WILL" Crest (fig.2) on the front of the card. Many cards in the series do not have the Crest on the face.

printers mark in black or red ink

"I WILL" Crest

The "I WILL" Galleries hosts two Galleries, the first Gallery displays postcards in the series, both with and without stock numbers, in series order. The second Gallery contains "I WILL" postcards that are unusual or a mystery. Please select from the icons below.

Gallery  I

By Series Number
Gallery  II

Mystery Postcards
Hosted in Souvenir Hall

"I WILL" Foldout

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