Deltiologists, we need your HELP!
The Museum has some "I WILL" Chicago postcards from the turn of the 20th century that do not have a stock number printed on the back. The series is three digits and the letter "C" (i.e. 124C). We need your assistance in researching the correct stock numbers for the  postcards in our collection.

To view the I WILL postcard collection, click here.

Please look at the "I WILL" postcard you have in your possession and see if your card has a stock number on it that ours does not.

What is needed for I WILL postcard stock number validation?
A digital photograph at 3+ megapixels and/or a digital color scan at 600dpi, of both sides of the postcard, plainly showing the printed stock number on the back of the postcard.

Please email your information and attached files to



Do you have an "I Will" postcard that is not in our Museum collection? Have you considered donating your Chicago postcards to the Chicago Postcard Museum? More info...


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