Early 20th Century Wing: Chicago Buildings
Scroll down and enjoy our complete collection of Chicago Buildings, some are world famous and some, not so much. There are more postcards of Chicago buildings in the "I WILL" Galleries.

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Historical Society Building, Chicago #539
V.O. Hammon Pub. Co., Chicago
note: Glitter applied by the manufacturer.

 New Post-Office, Chicago - # 37425
Curt Teich & Co. Printers, Chicago - pm 1904

 Post Office, Chicago - # 2793
E.C. Kropp Co., Milwaukee
- pm 1908
note: Same image as above but different publishers.
The American flag is missing and buildings have been added.

 New Postoffice Building, Chicago - # 514
V.O. Hammon Publishing Co., Chicago - pm 1909

note: Same image as the two above but different publishers.
This image has a lot more people in it. Where's Waldo?

 Clark St., North from Jackson Blvd. showing Post Office , Chicago - # 1494
V.O. Hammon Publishing Co., Chicago - pm 1909

 Dome of New Post Office Building, Chicago - # 297
V.O. Hammon Publishing Co., Chicago - pm 1912

 New Post Office, Chicago - # 161
Curt Teich & Co., Inc.

 New Post Office, Chicago - # 33
Tichnor Bros., Inc., Boston Mass.

 Water Works, Chicago - # 137
Unknown Publisher - pm 1909

Interior, New City Hall and Court House,  Chicago - # 2792
E.C. Kropp Publishing, Milwaukee

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