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Watercolor with Pen and Ink by Diana Weber; ca. 1960 (a Chicago Artist)
State Street at Washington Looking North from the Marshall Field and Co. Clock.


Prints, Canvas, and other items with the above watercolor.

FROM ORIGINAL ARTWORK - Line Lithos - each individually color washed and finished in pen and ink. The artist (Diana Weber) has over the past years produced watercolor with pen and ink paintings of Chicago's famous landmarks and skyline.

These paintings have been offered in the portfolio in various sizes. Each portfolio piece has been drawn from scratch, painted with watercolors and line drawn with pen and ink. This method is extremely time consuming therefore allowing a very limited portfolio. It has long been the desire of the artist to be able to produce these portfolio pieces in greater volume to fill the ever increasing requests made by the buyer.

After many months of experiment and work, the artist is pleased to present this work for your inspection. Each piece is individually painted with watercolors and finishing details completed with pen and ink. High quality and individuality is maintained while a greater volume of work can be offered at a much lower cost to the buyer.

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